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          1. 化工行業專業人才招聘首選網站

            個人注冊 企業注冊
            • 工作性質:全職
            • 學歷要求:碩士及以上
            • 工作經驗:三年以上
            • 專業要求:分析化學,有機合...
            • 外語要求:英語熟練
            • 工資待遇: 25000~33000 元/月
            • 職稱要求:不限
            • 招聘人數:1人
            • 招聘日期:2019-07-18 ~ 2020-01-17

            Our client is looking for R&D Manager in organic synthetic chemical industry. 

            Job Description

            Position: R&D Manager

            Report to: General Manager


            § Run QC Testing for raw material, intermediate, finished goods to ensure all material is within specification and meet customer requirement.

            § Develop and adapt products and process quality to fulfill the customer’s requests under the management of team leader in accordance with the rules of business and company quality & Safety.

            Main tasks

            ·  Develops new products and modify existing products, processes and methods to fulfill technical and customers' requirements within the toolbox guidelines and time schedule.

            ·  Complete on time the APQP documentation for new product developments and others related to internal or external audits.

            ·  Track the performance of the trial batches in production & customer lines and improve the recipes accordingly.

            ·  Cooperate with different departments with regard to new solution and make test to handle the lab workflows in the agreed area of responsibility.

            ·  Implement optimization measures to the responsible products and lab test to verify the new techniques, methods etc.

            ·  Solves problems, examines root causes of encountered problems and implement the lab tests to work out sound solutions to the problems both from the theoretical and by experimental aspects.

            ·  Document experiments and provides complete information in accordance with applicable rules based on instructions, share Lab test report as well as the lesson learn summary.

            ·  Ensure the responsible area to fulfill the rules of Quality and safety of company.

            ·  Implement test to verify the new materials or replacement under the leading of supervisor.

            ·  Perform QC testing according to plan to ensure that all relevant testing on value stream specific raw materials/samples/intermediates & final products are carried out based on standards.  

            ·  Report all testing result and provide analysis of the result for further improvement.  

            ·  Leas and implement all laboratory activities to security, safety & environment procedures & requirements.

            ·  Support investigation, prepares and practices routine and non-routine analytical methodology.

            ·  Main contact to production in regard to testing and process improvement.  

            ·  Support to train production technician and operator.


            ·   Education: BS/MS/PhD in Analytical Chemistry or Organic Chemistry graduated from first-class university

            ·  Knowledge of Synthetic organic chemistry prefered

            ·  Good communications skills and ability to converse with customers

            ·  Able to work in flexible hours

            ·  Able to sign a labor contract of at least 3 years


            • 公司已設置保密,請通過系統應聘職位。
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            Founded in 2005, East West Associates is a leading provider in China of Commercial, Operational and Risk Management solutions specifically tailored to meet the business needs of Western companies competing in the ever-changing economic and business environment of China.

            In order to best assist our client, East West executives have all lived in China and held senior management roles with P&L responsibilities for Western multi-national companies operating in China, including Lennox International (NYSE: LII), Bechtel Corporation and Briggs & Stratton (NYSE: BGG) – thus, the EWA team knows how to profitably manage a China-based business within the Western standards of ethics and compliance.

            With offices in China and the US, East West’s experienced team provides ‘hands-on’ implementation on-the-ground in China to ensure our client’s success.

            We don’t just design strategies, produce charts and provided random theories, but rather strategically partner with our customer to implement the recommendations. We’re there through the entire process.

            As a point of difference, EWA senior leadership has lived in China since the 80s and have built our careers around Asia – past, present and future. We listen and understand client needs and are able to successfully implement strategies within the ever-changing Chinese governmental, business, and cultural environments of China.

            Equally, we have the unique perspective of having led and advised businesses in China during both good times and bad. We have deep, in-depth experience in the changing and more difficult environments of “New China.” Western companies who entered China 10 to 15 years ago are finding the need to update, improve and, at times, re-orient their business plans to continue their growth trajectory and increase their share of the Chinese market. This is our expertise.


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